Q: What is Monk Fruit? Will it spike my blood sugar or kick me out of Ketosis?

Short Answer:

  • Monk Fruit is a natural source of sweetness, it is not an artificial sweetener
  • Monk Fruit will not spike your blood sugar - it’s glycemic load is 0

Scientific Evidence & Explanation:

Monk Fruit is a round, green fruit cultivated on orchards in Thailand and China. It got the name “Monk Fruit” because historically, Monk’s tended to the orchards. Monk fruit has been used by Monk’s and other native folks for hundreds of years to add natural sweetness to the local cuisine. Because Monk Fruit is a naturally occurring fruit, it is a natural source of sweetness. It is not an artificial sweetener made in a lab like sucralose or aspartame.

One really interesting thing about Monk Fruit is that it’s seeds are actually really, really sweet - anywhere from 100-300x sweeter than sugar. As a result, Monk Fruit is typically used in extremely small quantities.

For example, while a single bowl of cereal like Chocolate Puffs may contain as much as 1/4 cup sugar, a bowl of Catalina Crunch is almost as sweet while baked with less than 1/200 tsp Monk Fruit. In fact, the amount of Monk Fruit in our famous recipe is so low our bakers at Catalina Crunch can’t measure it out with a regular kitchen scale!

And so the Monk Fruit in one bowl of Catalina Crunch adds 0g Total Carbs to your bowl. And that’s why Monk Fruit won’t spike your blood sugar - we just use it in such a vanishingly small quantity as part of a much larger overall picture of ingredients.

Here is a nutrition facts label to confirm. In 1/64 tsp of Monk Fruit (about 4x what we use), there are 0g Total Carbs.