Q: Does your pea protein contain too many lectins?

Short answer: No.

Long answer:

Recently, a book called Plant Paradox has become popular. The book argues it is best for folks to avoid eating peas because peas contain a lot of lectins.

While peas do contain a lot of lectins, Pea Protein and peas are not the same thing. 

In fact, Pea Protein has almost zero lectins because the carbs have been removed from the peas and the peas have been baked. 

On average, peas have about 37.1 HU/mg lectins while Pea Protein only has 0.2 HU/mg lectins on average. In other words, Pea Protein is virtually lectin-free.

The Pea Protein we use at Catalina is made from Organic, Non-GMO Yellow Peas. Folks who have tested Pea Protein from Organic, Non-GMO peas specifically have found levels of lectins even lower than 0.2 HU/mg.